Coffee information

Some say that Coffee benefits health is it true?

There have been many study’s of coffee health benefits and they claim moderate coffee consumption reduces or may help reduce the risk of; type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, cirrhosis, gall stones. Also the study’s say that Alzheimers and coffee can be a preventive measure and also help with Parkinson’s disease and depression.

Why should I home roast?
Roasting your own green coffee beans will give you the freshest coffee you have ever tasted! and you can adjust the roast to suite your taste and even make you own blends. It will also save you money and its fun!

How hard is it to roast my own?
It can be as simple as a saucepan and a wooded spoon on your stove or a push of the butting from an automatic home roaster, its your choice. The most difficult thing with the manual process like the saucepan is to keep the beans moving so they roast evenly. What ever method you choose it will require some practice to get consistent results.

First, second crack what is this?
First Crack can be heard when the beans reach around 190 degrees centigrade, rapid moisture loss and chemical reactions occur, which cause an audible cracking sound. This is considered the minimum roast level/style. Second crack around 230 degrees centigrade the coffee is getting dark, becoming brittle and dehydrated you can easily burn a roast at this point. 30 seconds too long at this pond can make all the difference between good and bad coffee.

What is blending?
The unique taste that every bean origin has can be combined with other origins to create a more complex taste.  Many blends will carry two or more different types of beans and requires knowledge of each beans unique characteristics.  Once the characteristics for a been variety are determined, a roaster can combine them to create unique flavours that can not be achieved with a single bean origin. You can roast the green bean origins together or separately. Our preference is to roast the different varieties separately as it gives the roaster the opportunity to tune the roast for each variety and you can easily experiment with different bean ratios.

How long can I store green coffee beans?
Green coffee beans can be stored for several months or more.  For home storage keep them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not store them in the fridge (too moist) or freezer (too dry) and use them within 6-12 months from purchase.

How long can I store roasted coffee beans?
Once you roast the beans Its storage time is limited to only a few weeks. Our advise is to roast enough to for no more than two weeks supply and store them at room temperature in an airtight container or one-way valve bags.

We hope this small FAQ was helpful, you may like to take a look at this extensive FAQ The Coffee FAQ